How to program a ge universal remote without codes

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Method 1: Auto Code Search

This method uses the remote’s built-in ability to automatically cycle through codes for your specific device. It’s generally the easiest and most recommended approach.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your GE universal remote
  • The device you want to control (TV, DVD player, etc.)


  1. Power on the device: Turn on the device you want to program the remote for (TV, sound system, etc.) Ensure it’s in working order and set to the correct input mode (e.g., HDMI 1 for a cable box).

  2. Point the remote: Direct the GE remote towards the device you want to control. Make sure there are no obstructions between the remote and the device’s sensor.

  3. Hold the Setup button: Locate the “Setup” button on your GE remote. It’s typically denoted by a house icon or the word “Setup.” Press and hold this button until a light on the remote (usually red) illuminates steadily. This indicates the remote is in programming mode.

  4. Device button selection: Depending on the device you’re programming, press the corresponding button on your GE remote. There should be dedicated buttons for TV, DVD, AUX, Cable (CBL), etc.

Note: If your remote doesn’t have a specific button for your device, you can try using the “TV” button in most cases.

  1. Power button press cycle: Once you’ve pressed the device button, keep holding the “Setup” button on the remote with one hand. With your other hand, press the “Power” button on the GE remote repeatedly in short intervals (about every 1-2 seconds).

  2. Wait for the response: The remote will automatically cycle through different codes as you press the power button. Keep pressing the power button until your device responds (e.g., the TV turns off, the DVD player opens).

  3. Success! Once your device reacts to a button press on the GE remote, it signifies successful code pairing. Release both the “Setup” and “Power” buttons.

  4. Test other functions (optional): Try using other buttons on the GE remote to control your device (volume control, channel changing, etc.) to ensure all functions work properly.

Method 2: Manual Code Search (if auto code search fails)

This method involves manually entering known code sequences for your specific device brand and model. You’ll need to find the codes online or through the remote’s manual (if available).


  1. Find the codes: Consult the user manual for your GE remote or search online for code lists compatible with your remote model and the specific device brand and model you want to control.

  2. Power on the device: Turn on the device you want to program the remote for.

  3. Setup mode: Press and hold the “Setup” button on your GE remote until the light turns on.

  4. Device button selection: Press the button on your GE remote corresponding to the device you’re programming (TV, DVD, etc.).

  5. Manual code entry: Using the number buttons on your GE remote, enter the code you found online or in the manual for your specific device brand and model.

  6. Test the code: After entering the code, press the “Power” button on the GE remote to see if your device responds.

  7. Repeat with different codes (if needed): If the first code doesn’t work, try entering other codes listed for your device brand and model until you find one that functions properly.

Additional Tips:

  • If you’re having trouble programming your GE remote, consult the user manual that came with your remote for specific instructions.
  • Make sure the batteries in your remote are fresh and properly inserted.
  • Point the remote directly at the device’s sensor during programming and control.
  • Some advanced GE remotes might have additional programming methods or require specific button combinations. Refer to the manual for details if the above methods don’t work.

By following these steps, you should be able to program your GE universal remote without needing specific codes in most cases. If you encounter difficulties, consult your remote’s manual or try searching online for troubleshooting guides specific to your GE remote model.